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Will Boy Scouts Improve my Sons Behavior at School

Few clubs for boys are as educational as the Boy Scouts. From being able to teach your son leadership skills to helping your son stay healthy, there are many reasons why your son should consider joining the Boy Scouts.

The Boy Scouts can teach your son leadership skills and even improve your son’s character. Participating in a few Boy Scouts programs or activities can help your son gain critical leadership skills. Placing your son in Continue Reading »

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Will Boy Scouts Improve my Sons Behavior at Home

Parents do wish their children were well behaved at home. In order for a child to behave, he has to learn discipline and responsibility. Many parents find the Boy Scouts to be a potential vehicle to instill such discipline in a young one. Will enrolling a young male in the Boy Scouts improve his behavior at home? It certainly can. The Boy Scouts will teach many great traits such as leadership, goal achievement, self-reliance, and yes, Continue Reading »

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What Types of Badges Do Boy Scouts Earn Daily

Every day, Boy Scouts work hard throughout the United States to earn merit badges. There are over 130 badges available to Boy Scouts, and each one has different requirements. Here is a rundown of some of the Boy Scout badges available.

To earn an American Business merit badge, Boy Scouts must learn about how businesses function. Scouts must explain the United States’ free enterprise system, apply the Scout Oath to business, describe the importance of the Industrial Revolution, visit a bank, explain profits and complete other tasks related to the stock market, small businesses, service and hard work.

To earn the Continue Reading »

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Will Joining Boy Scouts Help My Son In School

Joining Boy Scouts will not only help your son in daily activities outside of school, but it will also help him in school as well. Joining Boy Scouts is a great opportunity for all boys, especially those who may be struggling with social skills both in the home as well as in school. If for some reason the dad is not in the home to teach his son things that he will need to know as a grown man and some day a father himself, Boy Scouts would be a very beneficial program for him. Boy Continue Reading »

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What Traditions Will My Son Learn In Boy Scouts

There are so many things that young boys learn in boy scouts. They learn about tying knots, camping, building fires, and other things that boys really enjoy doing. They will remember these things for the rest of their lives, but the most important traditions they will learn in boy scouts are building friendships, respect, and responsibility.

Many of their best friends are going to be in their scout troops. They will learn a lot together and do a lot of fun things together. They will grow up together as friends, and those are strong bonds.

They will learn respect. They Continue Reading »

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What Activities do Boys Scouts Participate In

Boy Scouts offers many opportunities for boys to explore new interests while building maturity and self- confidence. Developed to provide outdoor experiences for boys, the program has grown to be a valuable character building activity for millions of boys over the years.

The Boy Scout program is probably best known for providing outdoor activities for its members. Scouts may learn camping, backpacking, fishing and even gun safety. Respect for the environment is also stressed, as scouts are Continue Reading »

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Will Joining Boy Scouts Teach My Son Survival Skills

The Boys Scouts will most definitely teach your son survival skills. The organization takes great pride in teaching adolescent and teenage boys to be prepared in case of any emergency. They teach our young men not only to survive, but to help others in need. After all “being prepared” is the Boy Scout motto.

Your son will learn skills that will help to prepare him for nearly any disaster. They utilize camp outs to teach them things like finding food and water, building shelter, signaling for help, basic first aid, Continue Reading »

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Ways to Get More Involved With Your Son’s Scout Troop

Whether or not you-re dad of the year or you spend every weekend holed up with your Direct TV Sunday Ticket odds are you could be doing more to get involved with your son-s scout troop. Here are a few easy ways to score some dad points while bonding with your son
Lead a Camping Trip: What young boy doesn-t love camping? Volunteer to lead or organize a troop camping trip where your son and a few of his Continue Reading »

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Will Joining Boy Scouts Teach My Son Discipline

The Boy Scouts were founded in 1910 and is one of several youth organizations that works with boys from the age of ten and a half years old to eighteen years of age, then with young men from the age of eighteen to twenty-one in what may be considered as an advance group of Boy Scouts.

Their main focus is on teaching young boys and young men such values as being trustworthy, good citizens, skills that can be used outdoors and leadership.

By learning the different skills required to be a Boy Scout and advancing Continue Reading »

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What Standards do Boy Scouts Teach Children Today

Children today need to be brought up to be respectful and to cooperate with each other. A good place for boys to learn these values is through boy scouts. Boys can join scouts as young as five years old; though they are not considered a true boy scout until they reach the age of eight. Boy scouts teach children to respect themselves, their family and friends and nature. Meetings begin with a pledge to the American flag, instilling pride in their country. There Continue Reading »

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